Looking to have an honest critique of your work? Or perhaps you have questions about lighting a reception?
Book a 2-hour Skype Session with us,  Davina & Daniel, during which we will discuss any topic you'd like, and answer all the questions you might have. 

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1 ON 1 MENTORING (1 year)

During this year long mentorship, we will work together on a repeat basis to bring your photography, and your business to the next level.

We will start by getting to know you during an extensive Skype call, and by reviewing your existing work (portfolio & full wedding). We will find all the pain points we want to tackle. We'll then set specific goals, and schedule a prep meeting before your next wedding, so you can go into it with the best mindset possible. Once you're on the other side, we will follow-up with a thorough review/meeting, while everything is still fresh. 

We will repeat this process several times throughout your wedding season, and you will also have the opportunity to come be a 3rd shooter at one of our weddings (pending availability).


Q: How frequent are the meetings, and are they set in stone?

A: Since every photographer's schedule, needs, and ways of learning differ, we don't provide a set schedule ahead of time, and will establish it together during our first meeting.


Q: What should I expect to take away from this mentorship?

A: From a photography standpoint, we will put a lot of emphasis on improving your lighting techniques in all situations, composition/framing, and anticipating moments better. On the business side, we will help you edit your work down to the very best, so as to help you stand out in your market. We will also show you everything we know about editing, so you can make your images shine.

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