Nine years ago, Davina met Daniel and thought he was pretty dreamy with his camera. As a journalism student in Montreal, she was no stranger to story-telling, but was intrigued by the tool that Daniel used so well. It wasn’t long before Davina stole Daniel’s heart… and got him to share all he knew about photography (he even got her a camera of her own). Daniel, having recently discovered that wedding photography didn’t have to be lame, was starting up his own wedding photography business and thought Davina would be the perfect partner (he thought he might freak her out if her proposed so soon… this was a good alternative). She accepted (and yes, a proposal would have freaked her out). As Davina and Daniel grew as photographers, so did their relationship (cheesy, but true) and they eventually got married (it no longer freaked Davina out).

Davina and Daniel are both award-winning members of the WPJA, Fearless Photographers, and the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and were named one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in the world by Rangefinder magazine. Davina has been awarded Photographer of the Quarter by the ISPWP, and is one of the top 10 Fearless photographers in 2012 & 2013. In 2012, Daniel was the Fearless Photographer of the year, and has also been awarded the Photographer of the Quarter by ISPWP.

Their photos have appeared in many well-loved blogs and magazines, including Style me Pretty, Once Wed, Junebug, Bride magazine, and Well Wed magazine. Together they judged the 2010-2014 BC Wedding Awards, spoke at Mystic Conference 2011 & 2014; the first annual Canada Photo Convention in Vancouver in 2012 & 2015; at BodaF 2013 in Spain; Wedding Brasil 2013; as well as WPPI in 2013 & 2014.

Their incredible clients, all of whom have a common love and trust of their vision, have taken them all over the world to photograph their weddings; including Taipei, Japan, Thailand, Bali, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Aruba, Panama, Bhutan, Guatemala, Jamaica and Mexico, as well as all over the United States. They are looking forward to traveling to some new great destinations with their brides and grooms in 2017.


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Davina & Daniel are also the co-founders of The Image Salon: