WEBSHOP: Post-Production


Join us for an intensive, 3-hour, online workshop during which we will share everything we know about post-production.


Getting the best out of every image
The power of a RAW file
Full demo of our editing process, from start to finish
Editing in both Photoshop & Lightroom
All the photoshop tricks we’ve picked up over the years
Complete walkthrough of our workflow after we shoot a wedding


(Full payment due right away. Not refundable. You will be able to watch the Webshop as many times as needed)


Click through some before & afters below:




“Purchasing and learning from Davina + Daniel’s Webshop: Post-Production course really took my post-processing work to the next level. Before their course, I was comfortable with basic editing and retouching, but I had long been searching for more advanced techniques that would give my images a more cinematic feeling and make them pop. D+D’s course honestly blew my mind. It is by far the best post-processing course I’ve ever taken. It’s easy to follow, enjoyable to watch, and an incredibly rich resource. I found myself immediately able to start implementing their techniques into my workflow, with wonderful results. I would recommend this course to any photographer who is itching to give their images more of a “wow” factor.”

– Dallas Curow, Toronto wedding photographer

“I have to tell you – these videos are some of the BEST I have ever encountered, you have cleared so much up for me!”

– Gerard Tomko, Philadelphia wedding photographer

“This technique is freaking fantastic and has completely changed the way I shoot now. Before this, I was using VSCO and was never happy with the end result. With your process, I get to embrace the full breadth of the RAW file knowing that I can play with different layers (background, foreground, etc.) in the image. It’s longer, yes, but so much more worth it.”

– Brian Di Croce, Montreal wedding photographer

“Davina + Daniel’s Webshop on Post Production is absolutely the best way to care for your images after the photo has been taken. Including workflow and time saving tips n’ tricks, their methods teach you how to get the most out of your files and go steps beyond what any preset could ever do. This Webshop has given our images the attention they deserve and an aesthetic that wows our clients. We can’t thank Davina + Daniel enough!!!”

– Elisha & Chris Stewart, Kelowna wedding photographers